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A day for the future of remembrance

“It was a usual day. Natalya was spending it in a vacation outside Lviv with her mother. Natalya didn’t remember that something was unusual, except the big wind, which was blowing in the back, and a big sun shinning in the front. The day was really very hot”.

Natalya Verbytska, Ukraine

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“Criticism doesn’t change anything, new inventions and initiatives could”

“In these days you go and check the internet first before you talk with your friends and family.” – Donald Polfliet, Belgium.
What about 25 years ago? The following interviewees are to show the collective memory of the students during the Chernobyl accident.

Ukrainian students try on gas masks as part of a safety drill in a school in Rudniya, just outside the Chernobyl contamination zone.

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“I think there are no free-will persons for trips like this”

Five participants of our internet seminar, according to the task, managed to conduct interviews with the liquidators of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Those interviews are unique, because they introduce the people, who have directly faced with the Chernobyl NPP and whose work was to liquidate the awful consequences of the accident.

Anatoly Blinkov with a group of other liquidators

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